Political Kickstart 04-15-19 #ableg #abpoli #abvote

This weekend saw some surprises, like the numbers from advanced polling, and also some late signs of pleas for support from UCP in Calgary who are now trying to earn back the voters with progressive leanings that they successfully purged from the “true conservative” party they created less than two years ago.

The NDP are also attempting the same strategy but at least they didn’t brag about alienating anyone to begin with.

Also, my morning giggle comes from the fact that people receiving robocalls from Stephen Harper thought it was actually Stephen Mandel; not because that’s funny but that the “greatest PM to ever come from Alberta” may have less name recognition outside of Calgary than the UCP thought. L-O-L.

Tomorrow is the big day but I don’t feel as if we’re going to know who forms government tomorrow night; I will still be glued to the TV, radio and twitter and I’m still full of anticipation….

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean

contact: dmaclean@countersign.ca

Twitter: @Mitchell_AB for full commentary @thisweekinAB for posts

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