Morning Kick Start 04/02/19 #ableg #abpoli #abvote

We’re going to start a daily podcast during the final two weeks of the election as it’s impossible to keep on top of what’s going on with only one per week. I worked out a few kinks today so that will help me have tomorrow’s ready in the early morning rather than mid-morning. 

The morning kick start offers brief commentary to keep up to date with how fast things change in Alberta politics. 

The full half hour is also available for download in the next post so you can get a glimpse of what will be available to subscribers. 

Today’s episode gives a quick run down on the Callaway hearing and the glaring issue of a UCP and an NDP government both being around the same amount in debt at the end of another four years. 

Will Albertans decide to cut off someone else’s nose to make themselves feel better about the future? Less than two weeks (or however long it takes to sift through ballots and get them to their rightful home ridings) until we know for sure. 

If you want to share your stories from the doors, please contact me and we’ll get those on the air

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