Episode 21: @imparo and @vitormarciano join me to talk May 5 2015 to UCP and What’s in Store for Alberta’s Future #ableg #abpoli

My guests today, Troy Wason, former Executive Director of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, and Vitor Marciano, former Senior Advisor to Danielle Smith and Brian Jean in the Wildrose Party, come together to talk about 2015 to UCP and the inevitable Alberta election.

Would you be surprised to learn that unity was being considered right after the 2015 election? Is the UCP just a junior league for the Conservative Party of Canada? Should anyone be asking questions about the Progressive Conservative Leadership vote?

I think we talk to the point of admitting there’s no place for vastly different ideologies in one single party because “no one knows what they’ll get” if that Party forms government – but you decide.

For my own amusement, I asked them both to put on their political campaign manager hats and tell me what they would be advising Rachel Notley about the Alberta Election.

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