Stephen Carter joins me again to talk about Alberta politics. This episode was supposed to be edited down but I enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. I have other issues as well.

Should the NDP be campaigning? Is Jody Wilson-Raybould the beginning of the end of a Trudeau government? Find out what some people think…

And while you’re here; I have a request… I have given 48 hours for a #MoreCarter contest. I said that it matters how many retweets or likes your post gets but I will reward those who work – I have some collector’s item buttons that I cannot wait to give away – I will watch for #MoreCarter on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you can use hashtags and I will send you some amazing buttons for playing… but you have to work for it.

Tag @Mitchell_AB, tag @Carter_AB, and @thisweekinAB, and I will connect with you after 48 hours to get your address.


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