Episode 17: Dr. Andre Gagne and the Rise of the Christian Right in Canada

Maybe you’ve heard of John Carpay and his Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Perhaps you’ve followed the Parents for Choice in Education group or their joint effort in challenging the constitutionality of Bill 24, the Act to Strengthen Gay-Straight Alliances.  The common threads between these groups are many but the foundation is religious rights and freedoms.

Groups such as these in Alberta have become more of a focus as their political ties and party affiliations come under scrutiny.  They are not new but they are growing.  What does that mean for those who also want to protect their freedom from religion?  It may depend on who your government is, and what they support.

Andre Gagne, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Theological Studies at Concordia University in Montreal has been researching the rise of the religious right in Canada.  Consider this a primer on what we are beginning to see more of as these groups gain both attention and support.

Some may say electing politicians or political parties with close ties to special interest groups is simply fear-mongering.  After all, when has a political party with a hidden agenda and favours owed for their electoral success ever been an issue in Alberta?

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