Episode 16: Welcome Back, Carter

I wanted to do a year in review but guests like Stephen Carter have so much history with which to provide context that it’s difficult to keep on track.  My condolences to Zain Velji who managed to successfully herd that cat for almost a year (so many puns). 

Stephen and I talk about December (spoiler alert, stocking horse candidates don’t make him sweat) and we take some small steps into other happenings this year as well; doesn’t it seem like Fildebrandt has been out of the UCP for a lot longer than 10 months?  And who would have guessed that Stelmach might be to blame for the current oversupply simply because he allowed new projects to go ahead?  

And with a nod to my favourite former UCP communications director, Stephen and I also talk about how Notley should not drop the writ until shovels are in the ground. 

Always interesting to have someone with Stephen’s history on the show and looking forward to an exciting, and likely exhausting 2019.  Many thanks to everyone who listens, comments, and also to those who have donated their time to sit with me and talk about politics.  

All the best, 


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