Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions someone wanted the answer to:

Who writes the posts?

Details about the author have been added to each post.  Prior to June 27, 2018 without the added info, the writer was Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean; Albertan, mom of 4, passionate observer.

Can you back that up?

There are links within each article and as of June 2018 a notice has been added to state whether the article is a mix of fact and opinion or simply fact.  Links are provided to supporting evidence within each article.

Can I submit articles?

Submissions focused on politics are welcome and encouraged.  Email submissions to  Submissions will be subject to editing before posting with author’s approval.  Please include a small photo or logo with your name for credit.

NOTE: Submissions will not be reposted without a name.

This seems like a pro-liberal/ndp/abc site; are you an NDP supporter?

My site, my prerogative.

You didn’t answer the question.

I support people who support a future for Alberta that is beneficial to more than just the top income earners.  It’s a pyramid, people; if the bottom can’t afford to support the businesses/job creators, the top doesn’t get to earn the most.

Are you biased against religions?

I abhor religion being used to justify bigotry.  Move on.

How can I support your work?

The fancy Subscribe or Donate buttons that cost me a few hundred dollars because I’m not technically savvy works really well 🙂