Everything is Politics

Robbie wanted to take credit for that title but it’s a couple of years late.

In the summer of 2018, I was finishing up with some counselling sessions and I was lamenting that I felt I didn’t have much in common with people who I had, years before and for years, spent a lot of time with.

It seemed to creep up on me, over a few years and I wasn’t sure why. While I was taking some counselling, I had definitely started to look at things differently. So, I was seeing this, but I knew it wasn’t new.

Describing this observation to my counselor, I mentioned politics as being a definitive wedge.

“Well, it doesn’t always have to be about politics,” she offered helpfully.

“Everything is politics,” I retorted.

“Work, my kids’ school, education, my kids’ future, my own future, law, society, my parents… everything is politics.”

Admittedly, she seemed a little taken aback.

Admittedly, so was I. It wasn’t a breakthrough for why I was there, but it was a breakthrough to my own understanding of this apparent difference I couldn’t get over.

Every stance that someone took could be brought back to politics and it didn’t matter what it was – I could see the politics behind it.

I was having a conversation with someone who I quite generally disagree with but mostly, he’s civil and I like the challenges he offers. Someone else who was inadvertently tagged in the conversation popped back in to question my conversing with him.

She was civil-ish about it (probably as much as he, to be honest) and I responded kindly and explained (as I usually do).

I am honestly interested in perspectives and absolutely interested in supporting evidence (and I read when someone responds with a link!)… I love to know more.

I try not to put people in boxes; no one fits into a box – really – but there are fundamental beliefs of right and wrong. Call it religion, politics, education or ethics… but it is fundamental to my world view and yours.

I will fight for mine and I will listen to yours. Sometimes… I even change my mind.

In the end, I guess I just have say, no, Robbie, it’s not yours – but I’ll share.

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