Our Approach

We travel the province, we talk to people and we share information.  We aren’t restricted to summaries or word counts and we have opinions.

Our Story

The usual story of blending something you love with something you’re passionate about led to the creation of Countersign.  Writing has been a long-time love and politics quickly became a passion.  Reading the news accounts wasn’t enough – we wanted to be there.  So we started going to events and writing about what we saw and what people were saying.

Meet the Team

There are a lot of people who contribute advice, direction and information to This Week In Alberta Politics. My thanks to every one of them.

Deirdre Mitchell – Maclean

Content Director – Writer

I have always been an observer of people and I love research, writing and forming arguments. After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (and a philosophy minor) I ended up finding another passion: politics. That was the beginning and I’m working every day to bring well-researched information, some humour, and some sarcasm to something that affects every one of us, every day.

Your Support is Critical

Covering political events is an expensive way to spend our time.  We have done this out of sheer interest and a desire to inform but could really use your help.  Travel, equipment and fees to attend add up.  If you can help keep us in attendance, we can continue to deliver on-site coverage.

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