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Our Approach

Every article is based on facts and research. People who support lying politicians or media don’t tend to like my attitude. If I can’t back it up, you won’t see it on my page. I also like sarcasm, satire and sometimes swear. It gets me through the day.

The Story

The usual story of blending something you love with something you’re passionate about.  As with most things, it, and I, have evolved.

I began reporting on events I attended in person and chronicled the Jason Kenney Show from January of 2017 to the 2019 election. That was a lot of Jason Kenney. I am a story teller and I told the story.

Now the focus is on the Kenney-led government and ensuring people have facts to fight the misinformation that comes from politicians and, unfortunately, representatives of our governments. I’m a political myth buster. 

In 2018 I started the podcast and I’m still feeling my way around that. In 2019 I collaborated with Robbie Kreger-Smith on another podcast we called PoliticalRnD.

Oh, and I’m a super geek who gets exceptionally excited when I stumble upon a website that has every Speech from the Throne since 1965. Information, factual information, that I can access every minute of every day is the BEST thing about the end of this decade. I also hate being wrong so I fact check. A lot.

There are a lot of people who contribute advice, direction and information to This Week In Alberta Politics. My thanks to every one of them.

Deirdre Mitchell – Maclean

Content Director – Writer

I have always been an observer of people and I love research, writing and forming arguments. After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (and a philosophy minor) I ended up finding another passion: politics. 

I love working every day to bring well-researched information, some humour, and some sarcasm, to the constant fight against the lies people tell.

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