Jason Kenney’s Government Has Big Shoes to Fill

May 21, 2019 countersign2canada 0

Jason Kenney, thanks to his own rhetoric, has very big promises to fulfill. Some are rightfully skeptical about his ability to keep them and for very good reason: if the problem was the NDP government, then Kenney should find success simply by not being an NDP government.

Beyond the Bozo Eruptions

February 5, 2019 countersign2canada 0

That the UCP would even consider attempting to verify the allegations themselves without notifying the proper authorities is not only arrogant but a grave disservice to the member of the public who brought it to their attention.  

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Kenney’s Retirement Residence; Day… five?

January 23, 2019 countersign2canada 0

If Kenney’s claim cannot be independently verified through lease agreements or visitor logs, the idea that Jason Kenney may have fraudulently claimed a subsidy he had no right to during his mother’s residency at Lake Bonavista will throw shade on whether he should have been eligible prior to that as well.  Canadians will wonder.  Albertans will as well; and this election season isn’t long enough for them to forget. 

Not Angry, Alberta

January 15, 2019 countersign2canada 0

Albertans are strong.  Albertans are free.  Albertans choose to stay in Alberta rather than go where the equalization flows… because life is better here.